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Seller Information


The following is a list of the information and documentation that I ask that my Sellers deliver to my upon their acceptance of the Sales Contract: 

  • Cell, home and facsimile numbers
  • Email address
  • Marital Status of Seller(s)
  • Social Security Number(s)
  • Prior Title Insurance Policy (received at Purchase of home)
  • Prior Plat of Survey
  • Current Mortgage(s) and Home Equity Loan(s): Name of lender, loan/account number and customer service number
  • Land Trust or Living Trust information including a copy of the Trust Agreement
  • Public water and sewer or well and septic
  • Santitary District, if any
  • Homeowner's Association information - Name, phone number and facsimile number of management company and copies of declarations, bylaws and rules and regulations
  • Death Certificate, if applicable
  • Any information regarding any outstanding liens or debts you may owe to local government
  • Information about personal bankruptcy or forclosure

Contact us at no cost or obligation by calling (630) 930-7464 or by email at


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